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Overall Climatic Conditions Of Kochi

 Climate :  Hot and humid.  Monsoon :  South west monsoon is active between June and September.
 Altitude :  Sea level.  Annual rainfall :  Approximately 310 cms.
 Temperatures :  Between 20° - 35° C.      

Two Hour Trip

The backwaters of Kerala is a unique and memorable experience for tourists. The two hour trip takes you through the Dolphin Area, the entrance to Arabian Sea, the historical and cultural monuments in Kochi etc. You can see the lifestyle of people of Kerala as you can watch people working in paddy fields and canoes being used for fishing or as a mode of transportation.

The main areas we visit are:

Dolphin Area

While on a backwater cruise Dolphins can be seen leaping out of the Kochi backwaters especially during high tide. It is a treat to watch the antics of the world's best friendliest animals dolphins.

Arabian Sea Entrance

The entrance to the Arabian Sea from the backwaters is spectacular to watch on a backwater tour. Be it the soothing Sun rays of the misty morning or the immersion of the sun into the sea in the evening it is always a special moment.

Chinese Fishing Nets

The huge cantilevered Chinese fishing nets are a legacy of one of the first Chinese traders to the Malabar coast . They were erected here between 1350 & 1450 AD by traders from the court of Kublai Khan. These nets are built in teak wood & bamboo poles and the best place to watch the nets being lowered into the sea & the catch being brought in is the Vasco Da Gama Square . 

Jewish Synagogue

The oldest Synagogue in the commonwealth constructed in 1568 is located at Mattancherry, Kochi. The Synagogue is hand – painted and has willow – patterned floor tiles, Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, huge scrolls from the Old Testament, ancient scripts on copper plates etc. are the main attractions here.

Mattancherry Dutch Palace

The Dutch palace was built in 1557 and has on display murals depicting scenes from the Indian epics and legends, Dutch maps, period furniture and royal collections. 

International Police Museum

The Police Museum at Mattancherry has on display many artifacts related to the history of the State’s police, from the era of the erstwhile kings of Travancore to the present. There is a collection of swords, guns and spears as well as police uniforms on display.

Three Hour Trip

A three hour trip through the backwaters takes you through many places of historical and cultural significance.


Dutch Palace and Heritage Palace

The Dutch Palace was built in 1557 and its exteriors are barren with stark white walls and sloping brown roofs. It is a two-storied quadrangular building with a small temple dedicated to the deity Palayannur Bhagawati in the central courtyard. The interiors of the Palace are in sharp contrast with their beautiful ceilings and painted walls. The Central Hall on the upper storey, was once used for the coronation ceremony of Cochin Rajas and has a beautifully carved wooden ceiling. The Dining Hall ceiling is ornamented with a series of brass cups.

The walls are adorned with a series of beautifully executed and well-preserved murals depicting scenes from Hindu mythology like those from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Puranic legends. The murals are extensive and among the best in India. The museum housed in the Palace exhibits a rich collection of regal memorabilia including costumes, palanquins, turbans and weaponry from the days of the Cochin Rajas.

Jewish Synagogue

Built in 1568 AD, it possesses giant scrolls of the Old Testament, copper plates in which the grants of the privileges made by the Rajas of Kochi are shown and painted Chinese tiles and Belgium chandeliers. The Synagogue is located near the Dutch Palace and the Boat Jetty.

Fort Kochi St. Francis Church

It is the oldest European Church in India and was built in 1503 by Portuguese Franciscan friar’s,


Watching the play of colours in the sky during the sunset is a thrilling experience on a houseboat.

Backwater Cruise

A cruise through the enchanting backwaters of Kochi will surely rank as one of the most exotic and exciting things one can do while on a holiday in Cochin. As you move slowly through the backwaters and village areas you can feast your eyes on the lush vegetation, paddy fields, coconut palms, and more. The cruise across the lake and through the canals, seeing everyday life as you glide past is a really wonderful way to unwind with friends or family especially with some good refreshments going around. Enjoy a delicious lunch of Kerala cuisine as you gently cruise and we ensure your experience is as relaxed as you could wish for.

Sunset Cruise

Get ready to enjoy a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas in Kochi on this sunset cruise in the backwaters. The sunset cruise from 5.30 – 7 pm will take you through the waterways of Kochi Harbour, offering picturesque seaside views of the Kochi skyline including Fort Kochi and Bolgatty Island. You get to admire magnificent seaside views of Fort Kochi, Bolgatty Island, Willingdon Island, the Kochi shipyard and the impressive Chinese fishing nets. The cruise turns out to be a most memorable experience as you slowly make your way out onto the Arabian Sea, watching the setting Sun. Just sit back and relax as you take in gorgeous views of the sun sinking into the horizon – a great way to end your day!

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